the palace station hotel and casino

The Palace Station Hotel and Casino

The Palace Station Hotel and Casino is located in North Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s quite a luxurious hotel and is named after the elegant Post Office building that was built in the city by James G. Walker. It’s also one of the best hotel options for corporate retreats and other luxury events. This casino offers one of the most inviting ambiance to both business meetings and social gatherings. The place boasts of all-suite resort rooms, restaurant suites, and poolside venues. It also has an area for kids. Their staff is made up of trained professional executives with impressive experience.

They offer guests a number of packages at the hotel including the more expensive five-star room rate, which is highly sought after by many people, with the free use of the valet service. Aside from that, they also offer full board rooms with the regular room rates. The hotel offers a number of options and packages to accommodate all your requirements. You can avail the Club VIP option, the Chef Club, and the Grand Prize Club for your convenience. There are also rooms at the hotel that can be rented out through the main hotel or through their official website.

The complex is also surrounded by a landscaped, trees-covered avenue. This is a very welcoming and picturesque setting to guests coming in for any of their business conferences or social functions. Because of the great selections of locations and packages, many guests choose to stay at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino. They say that the luxurious atmosphere is what makes them come back for more. If you want to spend your weekends in Las Vegas, try to book your hotel room here!