Palace Station Hotel and Casino Las Vegas are one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas. The casino is built in the heart of Las Vegas’ strip and it is located right at the base of the iconic Fremont Street. The casino offers a variety of rooms and the city skyline looms above the Grand Canal across the street. Each room is a unique work of art and has a guest list that includes famous movie stars, actors, and politicians. This casino is very popular among tourists and gamblers alike because of its good prices and the VIP treatment that await any of the guests. It is also famous for its star studded circuit shows that feature dancers with a passion for show business. There are several great restaurants and bars that serve up delicious treats as well as drinks from a vast array of options.

palace station hotel and casino las vegas

There are other hotels in the area that offer some wonderful value for money, but this hotel does not disappoint. When you stay at the hotel you will be welcomed with some incredible hospitality. You will enjoy being served at the restaurant, dining in the lobby and also in the luxurious rooms. The staff members at the hotel are always friendly and always keep in touch with their customers. Each night you will have the option to stay at the hotel or the casino and can choose which is most comfortable for you. The casinos at the hotel are not just large but they are also fully featured.

You can see the casino as it should be in person from your room and there is always something to do. During the day the casino is open and you can relax on the grass or lounge in one of the many lounges and enjoy the sights and sounds of the desert. Once the sun goes down, the casino will close and so you can rest until the next day.