tachi palace hotel and casino

The Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino – What’s So Good About It?

There is no denying that Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino in the Philippines have the reputation that it has. Its reputation is quite good indeed and it is a good example to others. The first thing about the hotel is the fact that it has two floors and the second thing is the fact that it is open and you can walk around it all day. I personally found this to be really good because you can take your time and explore all sides of the hotel. The resort itself is not very big with just the main reception area and the casino but it still has enough space for the guests to play their games of their choice.

The rooms are usually spacious and comfortable and if you like you can even have room service. If you don’t want room service, then you can also try to make use of the common area of the hotel. It is the bar and the lounge area. The bar and the lounge are really nice as the bar has an LCD screen, it is equipped with a jukebox and there is a dart board and foosball tables. The lounge area is where you can relax after your game and you can even sit and drink your beverage. Some of the rooms even have their own televisions so you can watch television or play some video games.

As mentioned earlier, Tachi is actually one of the top casinos in the Philippines. The staffs here are very friendly and they are always ready to talk about your favorite games or things to do in the hotel. They even offer some kind of entertainment activities. You might have to pay a little extra for these things but the services that you get are worth it. Just be sure to check with them first before buying anything.