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A Review of the Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

Palace Station Hotel and Casino is a nice place to stay, as they have a nice location near the strip. This hotel is a popular Las Vegas tripadvisor rating with a good amount of satisfied guests. You will find many people recommending this hotel to other visitors. If you are looking for a nice place to stay, and you are visiting Las Vegas during the week, you may want to stay at Palace Station.

This tripadvisor rating is one of the top rated hotels in Las Vegas. The hotel is centrally located, which makes it easy for anyone coming in from out of town. They have an extremely nice location and have the best customer service. This hotel is also the most expensive in Vegas, but it is still a great deal. Many of the rooms are fully furnished, and there is always an extra bed and a full kitchen in most rooms. This hotel also offers free parking. If you want a nice stay, then you should stay at this place.

Another thing that people like about this hotel is that it is a part of the Travelocity program. This is a nice benefit for hotels, as it can save you a lot of money on your hotel. The good thing about getting this discount from this hotel is that you can enjoy many discounts throughout your entire stay. You will have the advantage of the free breakfast and the same service that are offered for a standard rate. You should definitely take advantage of this offer, as you can get a great stay for the price of a standard hotel.